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Welcome to this website which includes Yvonne's Church Vestments as well as Paintings.

Yvonne Bell is a Christian artist and vestment designer.

Icon of Christ - Yeshua's Promise


Set us free.jpg

Set Us Free


The art can be purchased as Canvas prints, posters, greetings cards and postcards. Some original paintings are available.  Not all prints are in stock - some may have to be ordered from the printers.

To order prints and cards - email Yvonne with your selection.

Commissions for new paintings are welcome.

Vestments and Church Textiles

Ordinands - email Yvonne with your ideas for stoles and she will design them for you - no charge for design work - everything can be sorted by email

Yvonne designs church vestments with painted silk panels. She paints banners, chasubles, stoles, copes, mitres, lectern and pulpit falls and altar cloths. Yvonne also paints conference backcloths and gives talks about her work.

Ein Tad (c)2022

black preaching scarf

Chasuble for Pentecost

Green Chasuble and Altar Fall

White Chasuble

All Season's Stole

Icon Cope and Mitre

Lent/Advent Banner

Yvonne's Studio

To commission work you can arrange a meeting at Yvonne's studio:

207 Glebe Road



United Kingdom

MK19 6ND

Tel: +44 (0)1908 623474


All Artwork on this site is Copyright Yvonne Bell

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