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St Mary's Church, Didim, Turkey

I had the opportunity to help a tiny historic church in the town of Didim on the Aegean coast - an hour's drive south of Ephesus who had no vestments at all. The Anglican church has been granted use of the old Greek church for a couple of hours on Sundays by the Historic Monuments Dept of Turkey.  The Greeks moved out when Greece and Turkey separated in the 1930s so the church has been closed since. It was re-opened in the autumn of 2015 and the Mayor of Didim attended the service.

White set

Altar fall with the Icon of the Mother of God of Vladirmir, stole with MOG and Christ Pantocrator

I chose the Mother of God of Vladimir because it was an Icon written in the 12th Century in Byzantium - modern day Istanbul - so it is Turkish!!! It was then carried to Russia to the leader Vladimir and he so admired it that he chose Orthodox Christianity as the state religion.

Red set

Red dupion silk altar fall and stole with celtic crosses with flames inside to echo the presence of the Holy Spirit within us all

Purple set

My painting of The Trinity for altar fall - roundel painted then sewn onto purple dupion silk

Stole is painted all the way up

Green set

Green dupion silk altar fall with an icon of Christ Pantocrator. The stole has the Orthodox Icon of the Hospitality of Abraham over both sides, to echo the hospitality shown to all who enter the church.

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