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"Silk For Sundays"

a Talk which generally lasts for 45 mins to 1 hour on the subject of Silk Painting and Church Vestments. Yvonne brings a variety of hand painted items which get passed around the group during the talk. People may ask questions at any time and there is often general hilarity as many stories of past awkward commissions come to light.

Yvonne is a Registered WI Speaker for the Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire Federations. She also gives talks to Art and Craft groups, Embroiderers Guilds, National Trust Branches, Quilters Guilds and a variety of MU and Church Groups.

Yvonne also runs two types of workshop for people who want to have a go at silk painting for themselves.

A one hour "Have-a-go" session where the picture is already outlined and ready to paint. This piece of silk, once painted, is then spray mounted to a greetings card.

A day workshop where the participant learns all the basic techniques for silk painting. The participant goes home with a couple of 12 inch squares of silk ready to turn them into paintings, cushions or cards.

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